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Figure Ice Skates
Figure Ice Skates

Figure Ice Skating has become increasingly popular in recent years, particularly with the advent of the Dancing on Ice TV shows and the launch of many temporary ice rinks that pop up around the country.

The key difference between a figure ice skate and other ice skates is that the ice blade it flat at the bottom, and has a pick at the front. Secondly you’ll tend to notice the boots will be made of a sturdy PU or Leather for strength rather than for comfort.

At we stop a full range of ice skates from a first time beginner all the way up to professional level skates provided by brands like Risport, Reidell and Jackson.

With figure ice skates it’s particularly important when looking at choosing when to buy to take notice of the material the skate is made of (leather or PU), and whether it’s both the inner and outer liners of the skates. Ideally you want a 100% leather skate for strength, comfort and durability. Also blade quality becomes of increasing importance as performance becomes more of an issue when buying figure ice skates.

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