Adult Scooter Buying Guide


Adult Scooter Buying Guide

Whether you want a scooter for fitness, commuting or fun with the kids.... Thereメs a model for that!

Size & Weight Restrictions

Always pay attention to the product information of the scooter that takes your fancy. Itメs vital that you donメt overstep the weight limit, or youメll void your warranty and put the scooter under strain itメs not designed for, thus resulting in damage and quicker wear.

If a scooter is too small, itメs likely to hurt your back from all that bending. Ideally, a scooter's handlabers should be between your hips and chest.

Dirt Scooters

Dirt scooters are a great choice for adults, especially those of us on the heavier side. Theyメre designed to be strong and robust, so wonメt suffer from the extra strain. Plus you can ride them off-road, which is an added thrill! If youメre not so adventurous, the large tyres also make them suitable for general use, so long as you donメt mind pushing a little extra weight (in comparison to a standard stunt scooter, which is usually fairly light).

Commuter Scooters

For an environmentally friendly and healthy commute, we recommend something light and portable. An adjustable scooter that folds will save you space on the train or in the office, plus some even have carry straps so you can sling them over your shoulder. JD Bug usually have the best range.

Stunt Scooters

Any stunt scooter, as long as itメs not specifically aimed at the childrenメs market (check the product description), will be fine for an adult, as long as you are within the weight limit. Be aware, however, that stunt scooters are designed to be small and light, so you may find the handlebars to be quite low. Madd Gear ususally have a range of scooters in the more professional bracket that tend to be of a reasonable size. logo
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