Affinity Scooters - Titanium Scooter T Bars, Street Large Scooter T Bars, Classics T Bars, Basic T Bar

Affinity Scooter T Bars have been developed by riders with over 25 years of expertise in extreme sports and manufacturing. Made in the USA, affinity bars have quickly gained a reputation for producing some of the worlds, largest, strongest and lightest most respected scooter bars, particularly within the street scooter scene.

Their products are produced to last and can also be used by park or dirt scooter riders. Their premium quality products included the Affinity Titanium bars which are some of the lightest bars in the world for their size and have been developed to meet the riders with some of the highest expectations on parts in the sport.

Affinity Scooter T Bars are now developing a number of signature Bars in partnership with top street riders, including Nicky Martinez, Jarrod Burns, The Don amongst others. Their bars are perfect for any mature core, street scooter rider as you'll immediately get respected for the parts and quality of them for riding the very best urban tricks out there on a scooter.

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