ALK 13 - Helium Helmets and Protection Pads

ALK13 is a French brand created by Vincent Isaac, using his years of experience in skating to create a range of products that are lightweight, comfortable and, most importantly, protective. ALK13 specialises in extreme sports protective gear, such as skateboarding, rollerblading, and scootering. ALK13 also sponsor both skaters and BMX riders, including World Number 1 (2017) rider Dante Hutchinson. Their products are build for high impact for even the highest level pros. In particular, their helmets are known for how lightweight they are and by using "in-mould" technology, they offer the same levels of protection but with a much lower thickness. Their products are also well known for their overall comfort and versatility.

The ALK13 Helium Helmet is their most cutting edge helmet. Using the in-mould technology, this helmet has a very low profile and is extremely lightweight, at only 280 grams.

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Alk-13 FAQs
Are Alk-13 helmets good?

Alk-13 helmets are a popular helmet for those looking for comfortable and lightweight protection. logo
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