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Bones Bearing Cleaning Unit

Bones Bearing Cleaning Unit

"Helps your bearings to last that bit longer with these"

Availability: Out of stock

Price £13.95

Regular Price: £14.95 save 7%

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Bones Bearing Cleaning Unit,brought to you by the bearing company by which all quality standards are measured.

  • Made of fluorinated high density polyethylene
  • 7 spacers for a good flush in less time
  • Cleans up to 8 bearings at a time
  • Cleans all skate bearings
  • A detailed instruction sheet will also be included with the unit to insure easy and proper use

Bearings and solvents not included

How to Instructions:

  • Gently remove the non-contact rubber shield of the bearing by prying upwards from the centre using a push-pin, or by pressing it out from the back using a paper clip or pen knife.
  • Do not clean the rubber shields with any solvent, as this will cause the rubber to blister and ruin the fit on the bearing. Gently wipe them clean using a clean cloth or use soapy water. If you choose to use soapy water, make sure to dry the shields completely before putting them back onto the bearing.
  • We have tried many cleaners and solvents and have several recommendations. Citrus-based cleaners work but can leave a slight oily residue on the bearing. Solvents are more dangerous to use, but often provide a more superior solution to cleaning dirty bearings. If you choose to use solvents, we recommend wearing latex gloves and working in an area that is well ventilated. Products we DO NOT recommend are petroleum-based products like; paint thinner, gasoline, kerosene, lacquer thinner, turpentine or anything that contains tolulene. These solvents arent adequate cleaners and should not be used in the bearing cleaning unit. Whatever you use, make sure to dry your bearings and add the lubrication to them as soon as possible to keep them from rusting.
  • Take your bearings and place them on the axle (metal rod on the lid) alternating from one bearing to one spacer till all 8 bearings are on the axle. For best results make sure that the ball side of the bearing is facing upwards. Fasten them down finger tight onto the axle using the wing nut.
  • Fill the bearing-cleaning unit up about 1/3rd of the way full with your cleaning solution and seal the cap. Agitate the cleaning solution by shaking the bottle. Shake for about 30 seconds, open the lid and give the bearings a spin to free up any debris and recap the bottle. Shake until you are satisfied that your bearings are cleaned completely. To make sure they are clean, spin the bearings on the axle.
  • Remove the bearings from the axle and dry with a clean lint free towel. We also recommend blowing the bearings out with a can of compressed air, which you should be able to find at any electronics or office supply store. Be careful when doing this, as you dont want the solvent to get in your eyes or all over the place. Make sure to blow them out over a towel.
  • Once the bearings are clean and dry, the next step is to lubricate them. We have found through the years of testing that the BonesSpeed Creamis the best light oil lubricant for your skate bearings. Put two drops of the lubricant per bearing and spin the bearing between your fingers to distribute the lubricant throughout the entire bearing. If you have ceramics, only one drop of lubricant is needed. DO NOT used WD 40, this will rust the bearings.
  • The next step is to put the rubber shields into position. They should just slip right into place with very little force. Occasionally you will see a wrinkle along the inner race edge. To get rid of this, simply run your thumb over it lightly in a circular fashion. Now youre ready to install the bearings back into the wheel.
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Ecuador£5.50£9.00 £70.95£51.95 from £29.946
Egypt£5.50£9.00 £44.95£38.95 from £29.957
El Salvador£5.50£9.00 £70.95£51.95 from £29.946
Equatorial Guinea£5.50£9.00 £54.95£49.95 from £29.946
Eritrea£3.50£9.00 £9.45Free from £1009
Estonia£3.50£6.00£15.00 Free from £753
Ethiopia£5.50£9.00 £54.95£49.95 from £29.946
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Guatemala£5.50£9.00 £70.95£51.95 from £29.946
Guinea£5.50£9.00 £54.95£49.95 from £29.946
Guinea-Bissau£5.50£9.00 £54.95£49.95 from £29.946
Haiti£5.50£9.00 £70.95£51.95 from £29.946
Holy See (Vatican City State)£5.50£9.00 £4.68Free from £1006
Honduras£5.50£9.00 £70.95£51.95 from £29.946
Hong Kong£5.50£9.00 £60.00£40.00 from £29.948
Hungary£3.50£6.00£15.00 Free from £753
Iceland£3.50£9.00 £19.95£14.95 from £605
Indonesia£5.50£9.00 £60.00£40.00 from £29.949
Ireland  £10.00 Free from £602
Isle of Man  £10.00 Free from £602
Italy£3.50£6.00£10.00 Free from £753
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Madagascar£5.50£9.00 £54.95£49.95 from £29.946
Malawi£5.50£9.00 £54.95£49.95 from £29.946
Malaysia£5.50£9.00 £60.00£40.00 from £29.949
Maldives£5.50£9.00 £54.95£49.95 from £29.946
Mali£5.50£9.00 £54.95£49.95 from £29.946
Marshall Islands£5.50£9.00 £54.95£49.95 from £29.946
Martinique£5.50£9.00 £70.95£51.95 from £29.946
Mauritania£5.50£9.00 £54.95£49.95 from £29.946
Mexico£5.50£9.00 £60.00£40.00 from £29.949
Moldova£5.50£9.00 £36.95£31.95 from £29.947
Monaco£3.50£6.00£12.00 Free from £1143
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Mozambique£5.50£9.00 £54.95£49.95 from £29.946
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Niger£5.50£9.00 £54.95£49.95 from £29.946
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Norway£3.50£6.00£12.00 Free from £1143
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Palau£5.50£9.00 £54.95£49.95 from £29.946
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Papua New Guinea£5.50£9.00 £54.95£49.95 from £29.946
Paraguay£5.50£9.00 £70.95£51.95 from £29.946
Peru£5.50£9.00 £70.95£51.95 from £29.946
Philippines£5.50£9.00 £60.00£40.00 from £29.949
Poland£3.50£6.00£15.00 Free from £753
Portugal£3.50£6.00£10.00 Free from £753
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Saint Lucia£5.50£9.00 £70.95£51.95 from £29.946
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines£5.50£9.00 £70.95£51.95 from £29.946
Samoa£5.50£9.00 £54.95£49.95 from £29.946
Saudi Arabia£5.50£9.00 £44.95£38.95 from £29.977
Serbia£5.50£9.00 £36.95£31.95 from £29.947
Slovakia£3.50£6.00£15.00 Free from £753
Slovenia£3.50£6.00£15.00 Free from £753
Spain£3.50£6.00£19.00 Free from £1503
Sudan£5.50£9.00 £54.95£49.95 from £29.946
Suriname£5.50£9.00 £70.95£51.95 from £29.946
Swaziland£5.50£9.00 £54.95£49.95 from £29.946
Sweden£3.50£6.00£19.00 Free from £1503
Switzerland£3.50£9.00 £19.95£14.95 from £605
Syrian Arab Republic£5.50£9.00 £44.95£38.95 from £29.987
Taiwan£5.50£9.00 £60.00£40.00 from £29.949
Thailand£5.50£9.00 £60.00£40.00 from £29.949
Togo£5.50£9.00 £54.95£49.95 from £29.946
Tonga£5.50£9.00 £54.95£49.95 from £29.946
Trinidad and Tobago£5.50£9.00 £70.95£51.95 from £29.946
Turkey£5.50£9.00 £36.95£31.95 from £29.947
Turkmenistan£5.50£9.00 £54.95£49.95 from £29.946
Tuvalu£5.50£9.00 £54.95£49.95 from £29.946
Uganda£5.50£9.00 £54.95£49.95 from £29.946
Ukraine£5.50£9.00 £36.95£31.95 from £29.947
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