Build a Custom Scooter


So you want to build your own completely unique stunt scooter? That's awesome!

But there's a few things you need to understand before picking out all the components you need for your dream scooter....

Obviously the more you spend, the better your scooter will be. More expensive parts tend to be constructed from higher quality materials that are both lighter and stronger. However, there's little point shelling out ᆪ500 on a top-of-the-range custom if you can't even land a tailwhip!

Realisitically, you're going to struggle to design a custom scooter for less than ᆪ200. If your budget is less than this, we'd recommend buying a stock complete scooter then customizing some of the parts.

If you want to build a complete scooter, you'll require the following parts:

In addition, it's worth considering getting a set of scooter pegs....

We stock hundreds of parts in tons of different colours however it's important to note that not all colours and shades will compliment each other. Some brands use lighter or darker shades so it's important to consider whether the parts you pick will look good together. We recommend getting a couple of different contrasting colours which compliment each other perfectly!

Obviously it's really, really important to make sure the parts you pick actually fit! Here's some helpful tips:

  • Make sure the bars you purchase have the correct internal diameter. If you're running a HIC compression system, you'll need oversized bars!
  • If you want to run threadless forks, make sure you also pick up a threadless headset and a form of compression (SCS, ICS or HIC)
  • Make sure the wheels you pick (100mm or 110mm) are suitable with the forks and deck you select.
  • Check whether the deck requires a intergrated, semi or regular headset.
  • Ensure the scooter pegs you pick are suitable!

Of course, if you need any help at all we recommend contacting one of our scooter specialists Tom, Ash or Caroline! They're friendly, knowledgable and will help to assemble a custom scooter on any budget. We recommend compiling a list of what parts you want to combine and then contacting Tom so he can confirm their suitability.

If you would like something different from the crowd without the worry of parts being compatible, check out our range of prebuilt custom scooters.

Give us a call on 01794830005 or use the form below to get in touch.

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