Compression Kits - Buying Advice

Skates.co.uk has the parts you need to replace or upgrade to a compression system. Don't worry if your kids' scooter isn't the same brand as the accessory you wish to purchase. Simply ensure that the compression system you purchase will fit your existing set-up as some compression systems will need additional parts. Feel free to give us a call or send an e-mail for advice on whether the part you're interested in is suitable for your scooter.

Which one is right for me?

There are a wide range of compression systems available, here are some important things to keep in mind when choosing yours:

  • Moneyᅠ- You don't want to spend more than is necessary, however the quality of a product can be discerned by the cost. The higher the cost, the better quality you are likely to get.
  • Skill Levelᅠ- All are suitable for beginners and recreational riders, but for anyone more experienced in extreme sports or park riding.
  • Existing set-upᅠ There are several different types of compression kits some of which may not fit your scooter without purchasing additional parts. Before purchasing a compression system, ensure first that you've got the correct set-up.
  • SCS An SCS (Standard Compression System) is effectively a compression system which replaces the need for a collar clamp. One end attaches to the end of your forks (which can be threaded or threadless) whilst the other attaches to the end of your bars. When tightened the SCS will firmly hold both parts together. Whilst initially it may look like the SCS is more expensive than other compression systems, it's worth remembering that the SCS doesn't require oversized bars or threadless forks making it perfect for those wanting to upgrade an entry or intermediate level scooter without spending a fortune.
  • ICS An ICS (Internal Compression System) is the cheapest form of compression system and is suitable for both threaded and threadless forks (although the forks need to have an hole allowing a bolt to run through it). Effectively a long bolt runs through the inside of the fork and screws into a starnut (which you'll have to fit) inside the bars. It's not quite as strong as the SCS however is more cost-effective.
  • HIC A HIC (Hidden Internal Compression) is a higher end compression system only found as standard on high end models. To use a HIC compression, you'll need to have both threadless forks, a threadless headset and oversized (HIC) handlebars. A small bolt runs through the inside of the fork which attaches to a starnut and shim placed over the top of the forks.

Ability and Age

Every compression is designed for recreational use and suitable for any age. However we wouldn't recommend getting an HIC system unless you've already got a higher-end model or are looking to upgrade the forks, headset and bars as well.

Warranty Information

You will need to notify us of any major defects when you first receive your product. There is typically a 90 day warranty on parts, this does not cover normal wear and tear. Once a product has been used the supplier will not usually replace the entire item. We will look at this on a case by case basis to determine the nature of defect or damage and make every effort to provide the best overall customer experience.

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