Foldable Scooters - Buying Advice

If you want a scooter that's light, portable, and designed to get you from A-B, look no further!

We sell a brilliant range of quality scooters that are foldable, already assembled and ready to go.ᅠJD Bug, in particular, have an excellent range of folding models that have proven to be extremely popular with children across the globe. The JD Bug Original and JD Bug Pro Street are great scooters which offer a folding mechanism and have held their appeal for years. We even stock bags and carry straps, to make traveling with your scooter that little bit easier.

Foldable scooters come with a standard folding mechanism which allows for easy storage and typically includes an adjustable handlebar height. The price of this kind of scooterᅠcan range from £39.95 - £109.95.

Please be aware that foldable scooters are not designed for use at skate parks or for jumps, tricks, stunts etc. If you're feeling adventurous and need a more robust scooter, see our Stunt Scooter Buying Guide.

Most recreational scooters are a standard size so replacement parts are easy to source. We stock a wide variety of replacement parts in our scooter parts section. Customers can also purchase a fixed bolt kit to increase the strength of the folding mechanism while performing basic tricks.

Which one is right for me?

There are a wide range of foldable scooters available, here are some important things to keep in mind when choosing yours.

  • Weight Capacity Scooters aren't just for kids anymore, some have a wider deck and stronger reinforcements for teens through to small adults. Most models can support anywhere from 50kgs - 100kgs.

  • Handlebar Height - There's no hard and fast rule for handlebar height. Anywhere between the waist and chest is fine. Just go with whatever is most comfortable for the rider.

  • Scooter Weight - Most of today's scooters are made from lightweight aluminium, for easy maneuverability. It's always worth comparing scooter weights (this information should be the product description) to find the lightest scooter that meets your specification. A scooter that's too heavy for its rider can be pretty cumbersome.

  • Ability and Age - Folding scooters are suitable for from 3 yrs old to Adult, covering all ability levels. Always check the scooter's product description to make sure the rider will not exceed the age and weight limitations of that particular item. Remember, if you're an experienced rider or want to build on your skills, a stunt scooter is the way forward! A folding scooter is builtᅠfor travel, not tricks.

Warranty Information

Foldable scooters are not designed in any way for extreme use unless specified on the product pages. Any jumps, tricks, stunts or use down a skate park will immediately invalidate the warranty on any scooter, even if it is advertised as being for extreme use.

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