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Kids' Inline Skates

Inline skating is great exercise for kids and a lot of fun, too. If you're planning on skating outside, inline skates are generally a better choice than quad skates and can be significantly faster.

Which Size Should I Buy?

Generally, the skates on our site will be true to size,ᅠunless the product description stipulates otherwise. If in doubt, measure your child's foot and have a look on Google to see if that particularly manufacturer has a size chart (most do).

You can also purchase skates with adjustable sizing, which will cover 2-3 sizes. This is a great idea if your kid is planning on having a growth spurt anytime soon.

Soft or Hardboot?

Soft boots are usually a bit more comfy than hardboots, but they're easily scuffed. A hardboot is far more durable for first-timers who will no doubt fall over a lot.


Brakes should be used with caution when skating. Generally a T-stop is advised, as opposed to dragging a brake along the floor - It can just be a bit dangerous at times. If you do buy a skate with brakes, don't be shocked that there's only one. Using two brakes to stop classes under "very dangerous" and you'd therefore be hard-pressed to find a skate with that kind of configuration.ᅠ

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