Mini-BMX buying advice

Mini BMXs are one of the latest crazes to hit the skate park. Far smaller than a regular BMX,

Mini BMXs allow you to try a bunch of new tricks on the ramps, while being small enough to 

throw in the boot of your car.

Despite their dinky structure, Mini BMXs are not for young kids. The handlebars and frame are 

designed for ages 8 , and younger children will struggle to control it. They're best off with a 

conventional BMX or bike for children, specifically designed for their size.

The height of Mini BMXs are all fairly standard, but weight can vary a little. Generally it's 

advised to go for a lighter product which will make tricks easier, but a heavier BMX will feel 

more grounded if you're a little unsteady and just getting started. Higher-end Mini BMXs are 

often made of chromoly and alloy, making them light but super strong.

A higher-end Mini BMX will also come with some threadless parts, improved gears, alloy-
hubbed wheels and sometimes even stunt pegs (although you can often buy these separately).  

Mini BMX parts are also easy to replace and inner tubes, saddles, pedals, headsets, forks and a 

host of other items are available to purchase from our website.

Consider to what standard you ride, or aspire to ride, before investing. There's no point in 

paying the top money just for fun, but similarly, there's no point in holding back if you want to 

push yourself!

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