Pegs - Buying Guide

Skates.co.uk has all the parts you need to replace or purchase your first set of pegs. Don't worry if your kids' scooter isn't the same brand as the accessory you wish to purchase. Simply ensure that the pegs you purchase will fit your existing set-up. Feel free to give us a call or send an e-mail for advice on whether the part you're interested in is suitable for your scooter.

Which one is right for me?

There are a wide range peg kits available, here are some important things to keep in mind when choosing yours:

  • Moneyᅠ- You don't want to spend more than is necessary, however the quality of a product can be discerned by the cost. The higher the cost, the better quality you are likely to get.
  • Skill Levelᅠ- All are suitable for beginners and recreational riders, but for anyone more experienced in extreme sports or park riding its worth considering having higher end pegs which are generally made from stronger materials.
  • Existing set-upᅠヨ Before purchasing a set of pegs it's worth checking that the pegs you purchase will fit your scooter. Most scooters will allow for the use of pegs however some models will need specific types of pegs.
  • Shape ヨ Some scooter have wider decks and forks which won't allow you to easily fit most pegs. For this scooters, you'll need to purchase pegs specifically designed with a thinner end.
  • Non-Integrated ヨ There are two types of pegs. Integrated and non-integrated. Non-integrated pegs attach to the end of your existing axle bolts. Depending on the type of scooter you own, you may need to source longer axle bolts.
  • Integrated ヨ Integrated pegs arrive with multiple axle bolts which actually screw into the middle of the peg. This design means you don't have to source longer axle bolts and generally means these types of pegs will fit most models

Ability and Age

Every peg is designed for recreational use and suitable for any age. However higher end peg kits will generally be made of stronger materials.

Warranty Information

You will need to notify us of any major defects when you first receive your product. There is typically a 90 day warranty on parts, this does not cover normal wear and tear. Once a product has been used the supplier will not usually replace the entire item. We will look at this on a case by case basis to determine the nature of defect or damage and make every effort to provide the best overall customer experience.

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