Ramps & Rails - Buying Guide

So you've got a top-of-the range scooter or skateboard? You'll need something to show off what you can do then. Skates.co.uk have a great selection of ramps, rails and boxes for all ages and abilities; whether first learning to ollie, or perfecting that 360 tailwhip, skates.co.uk is where you need to look.

SAFETY INFORMATION: A helmet and protective equipment should always be worn when using ramps or rails. Please see our protection section for more information.

Why do I want a ramp?

Essentially, anybody can go up & down their street on a scooter, their skates or a skateboard. But for those who want to explore the world of tricks & imitate their skating heroes, a ramp is what separates the rookies going down the sidewalk from the skating pros. And with new tricks in rollerskating, scootering and skateboarding being created by the day, the truly is no limit to the enjoyment and creativity a ramp can offer.

Why do I want a rail?

Just like our ramps, rails provide any skater great opportunities to practice their grinds, or as an obstacle to do tricks over. Something for both beginners to find their feet on, or for the more experienced riders to really push themselves, our selection of rails caters to all abilities.

So which ramp or rail is right for me?

Skates.co.uk offer a great selection of ramps & rails to cater for your preferences; the three key things to consider before making your purchase should be;

  • Price ヨ all of our ramps are built from the highest-quality materials, made by reputable and trusted manufacturers, but it goes without saying that you'll get the strongest and most sturdy ramps with the higher-priced ramps and rails.
  • Ability ヨ have a quick browse at our pictures; if you feel confident in attacking our steepest of ramps, or grinding our highest rail, we wish you good luck! But for the less experienced riders amongst you, we do offer less steep and less challenging obstacles.
  • Weight Capacity ヨ long gone are the days when only the youngsters could be caught in inline skates or a scooter; our range of ramps vary in their recommended weight tolerance, so do have a quick look to see how much weight our ramps will allow.

If you had any queries about our selection of ramps and rails, do give us a call on 44 (0) 1794 830 005, or drop us an email at sales@skates.co.uk.

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