Carving Scooters - Buying Advice

Carving scooters are an amazing alternative to your average kids' scooter. With three (or four!) wheels to propel you forward, sway from side to side or scissor your feet in and out to ride.ᅠSkates.co.ukᅠhave an amazing range of these scooters to choose from ヨ Razor Rip Rider, Pulse Slither Skull Wing Drift, Razor Siege and Powerwing, Vtriker, Style, Slider, Fliker, Fuzion Cobalt and Electron! Stand out with something a little different to what's at the skate park.

Riding a 3 wheeled scooter

These scooters are designed to ride with your feet planted on 2 separate platforms. The rider can keep the scooter moving by shifting their weight side to side while turning and leaning with the frame into the turn. This resembles a skiing motion.

Ability and Age

This scooter welcomes any ability level and is suitable for ages 3 years and above.

Which one is right for me?

There are a wide range of carving scooters available, here are some important things to keep in mind when choosing yours.

Weight Capacity ヨ Scooters arenメt just for kids anymore, some have a wider deck and stronger reinforcements for teens through to small adults. Most models can support anywhere from 50Kgs ヨ 100Kgs.

Handlebar Height ヨ Various models will have either fixed or adjustable handlebars. It is important to adjust the handlebars to a comfortable height for safety purposes or purchase the appropriate fixed height. Nearest to mid torso is ideal so that youメre not bending over while riding, your back should be straight.

Scooter Weight - Most of today's scooters are made from lightweight aluminium, ideal for easy manoeuvrability.

Key Features

  • Easy foldable scooter with padded or rubber hand grips for extra comfort
  • Revolutionary new designs for radical movement
  • Unique Propulsion systems provides super drifting
  • 100% high quality super casted polyurethane wheels for long-lasting action, some also include caster wheels!
  • 3 in 1-transportation vehicle, fitness equipment, recreational fun
  • Light weight frame for easy portability

Warranty Information

These scooters are not designed in any way for extreme use. Any jumps, tricks, stunts or use at a skate park will immediately invalidate the warranty.

For further information, please see the individual product pages or FAQ Secction.

What are carving scooter?

Carving scooters are a lot like recreational scooter however they have much wider tyres fitted. This makes them perfect for sharp turns and bends and gives a really comfortable ride.

Can I use this down a skatepark?

We wouldnメt generally recommend itᅠ Unless specifically mentioned, theyメre not designed for tricks or stunts so doing this would invalidate their warranty.

Can I purchase replacement parts?

Yes. Most carving scooters are a standard size so replacement parts are easy to source. We stock a wide variety of parts in our scooter accessories section.

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