Cadillac Skateboard Wheels and Bearings

Cadillac Wheels was created in 1973 in California, USA and have been a leading brand ever since. Cadillac Wheels were the first company to manufacture skateboard wheels from urethane, which revolutionised the industry and set the standard for all other companies to follow. Cadillac Wheels are popular the world over, delivering a smooth, fast ride on any skateboard. Now part of the famous Madrid brand, you can rest assured that you will be buying the best quality product.

Cadillac Wheels was the brainchild of Frank Nasworthy, who first stumbled across polyurethane wheels during a chance visit to a factory owned by his father's friend during a summer break from Virgina Tech in 1970. The company had been trying to market polyurethane wheels to roller skaters, as these softer wheels would provide increased grip for novice skaters. However skaters of the time rejected these in favour of the more popular steel wheels the allowed faster speeds on the wooden floors of roller rinks. When Frank moved to California in 1971, he discovered that the local kids were trying to skateboard when they were unable to surf. Realising that softer polyurethane wheels would be perfect for skateboarding, Nasworthy had his father send him 10 sets for trials. These wheels were ideal as they provided a faster and smoother ride, so Frank Nasworthy set about creating the Cadillac Wheels Company.

Today, Cadillac Wheels are highly sought after and can be seen ridden by skateboarders all across the globe. Cadillac Wheels provide a fast and smooth ride every time and are synonymous with high quality performance. Cadillac produce a wide range of skateboard wheels and bearings, so you are sure to find the right product for you.

Cadillac Wheels
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Since introducing the polyurethane wheel to skateboaring in the 1970s and revolutionising the industry, Cadillac wheels have continued to be the best ... logo
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