Collection: Gumball Toestops

Gumball Toe Stops are the number one choice for Roller Derby skaters and have been for many years. Any Derby skater wanting to upgrade their skates will usually look to go for a gumball as they know it'll last and won't break on them. Designed and build with Derby Skaters in mind, these stoppers are responsive and can take a beating like no other.

Gumball Superball Toe Stops have been designed to give derby skaters what they need. The Superball features a huge surface area and a wide base, which provides more stability and the ability to stop instantly, plus a way to glide when skating backwards.

Gumball V2 Top Stops features a flat, angled surface that provides the skater with much more grip when pushing off. These toe stops are available with either short or long stems and come in a random selection of colours - we have no control over what colours will be sent. You may end up with one red and one blue, but you can at least be sure that you'll receive top quality products from the most popular brand on the market.

Gumballs Toe Stops feature super high rebound, and extremely high quality rubber resulting in greater stopping grip. Another great aspect of Gumballs is they're designed to simply not pull out of the stem after 2-3 practices. The Gumball Stem is made of high quality aluminum with a much larger head than any of the other stoppers available. The head comes with holes drilled in its surface, allowing the rubber to flow and make a superior bond.

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