Collection: Heelys Accessories

Once you've got that pair of Heelys, you'll want to make the most of them. At we offer some of the best parts to upgrade or replace the parts in your shoes.

Our most popular Heelys parts are the Heelys replacement wheels, these come in either ABEC 3, 5 or 7 bearings. The higher the number of bearing the faster and less effort it is with rolling on your shoes. There are 2 types of replacement wheels, for 1 or 2 wheel Heelys shoes.

Other Heelys parts include Wheel plugs, designed to cover the hole in the wheel when your not using your shoes as Heelys. With the cover the shoes transform completely into normal shoes.

Finally, the other most popular Heelys accessory is the removal tool. Although the Wheels in Heelys can be removed by hand, its far easier with the tool as it allows you to leverage the removal of the wheel much more easily.

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