Collection: Ice Skate Guards Covers

Protect your ice skates with our large range of ice skate guards and blade covers. We stock a wide range of styles and colours for you personal taste. All our Ice Skate guards are durable and will protect the blades as well as your hands from the blades.

Ice Skate Blade Guards are essential to help avoid nicks or flat spots on the edges of blades and maintain maximum performance when skating as well as to protect yourself from cuts caused by the blades themselves. 

There's 2 types of blade covers - Hard plastic and Material Cloth. The Plastic guards are be suited to those who have to travel lots with their skates out, or are coming off and on the ice rink lots. In particular, they're popular with figure skates. Whilst, Cloth Skate covers are often more popular with Ice Hockey players, where the cloth soaks up the moisture left on the blades from the rink to avoid rusting. 

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