Collection: Infinity Scooters

Infinity Scooter Parts are a UK based brand, with six years of experience in the industry. Infinity Scooters Parts manufacture a wide range of innovative and high quality scooter parts at a price that is affordable to all budgets. 

Infinity Scooters are the latest brand to hit the market with cutting edge technology and incredible design work. Their primary focus of design has been surrounding the Mayan's and that culture, resulting in some pretty spectacular products.

Infinity have created a range of top quality parts from scooter bars and decks to wheels and clamps. All Infinity products are built with quality and style in mind. Infinity Titanium SCS bars are made from top grade titanium so they are incredibly light but still super strong.

The Infinity Street Scooter deck has been 10 years in the making. It has been rigorously tested throughout development and the end result is a fantastically well balanced street deck. Nothing has been left to chance with this deck and every part of it has been carefully crafted to offer the best product possible. The deck is 5 inches wide and is concave to help your feet stick on the deck when grinding. The neck provides optimum blunt space and at the rear of the deck, the back is squared off to help lock in grinds.

Infinity also produce a range of scooter wheels. Infinity Hollowcore wheels are some of the lightest wheels on the market, whilst still being robust and providing fantastic stability. Infinity Hollowcore wheels are 100mm so are perfect upgrades for entry level scooters where the standard 110mm wheels don't quite fit. Infinity Hollowcore wheels have become recognised as the industry standard for lightweight scooter wheels.

Infinity also make the highly popular Mayan wheels range. These wheels utilise semi-hollowcore technology to provide the rider with extra shock absorbtion for bigger tricks and a smooth ride.

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