Collection: Jd Bug Scooters

JD Bug are one of the founding fathers of the scooter industry and specialise in folding scooters. Most of the JD Bug scooters we sell are for younger children and are more aimed at recreational use, however JD Bug do also have a range of stunt scooters.

JD Bug are an industry leader in children's mobility products, renowned for manufacturing innovative products that deliver fun and exciting, but also safe and educational experiences to children.

JD Bug are known for their kids scooters, ranging from the JD Bug Eco and Kiddies scooters for the younger riders, to the JD Bug Original and JD Bug Pro Street scooters, which are perfect for scooting back and forth to school.

If you want more information on which JD Bug scooter is best for your needs, check out our JD Bug Scooter Buying Guide.

JD Bug Scooters launched in the early 2000s when foldable scooters first became popular alongside the Micro brand. JD Bug Scooters feature a number of things that make them perfect for taking around and for easy transport. Firstly, the scooters are easily foldable, meaning you can store then neatly of carry them when not in use. A number of the scooters come with carry straps, again allowing you to transport the scooter easily when not in use. They're all built to last, using high grade metals, meaning that your JD Bug should last a few years if looked after properly. A number of the models also come with adjustable handlebar height. This is great for growing kids, where the scooters need to be used by different people, and for modification to the way you like to ride your scooter.

JD Bug Scooters most popular model is their JD Bug Pro Street Scooter, this is run in a number of colors, but by far black and white are the most popular. Outside that the JD Bug Eco Scooter model is a smaller version of this and intended for younger children (3-7 years) getting into scootering having mastered basic balance skills. JD Bug also now have a number of newer scooter models that are getting popular models where bigger wheels are run - 150mm and 200mm models. The bigger wheels enable riders to have a more stable ride, alongside improved balance and stability when riding.

Their scooters range in price from £30 to £100 and are primarily focused towards kids getting their 2nd basic scooter and parents wanting to get to and from school or other short distances. Their scooters are run in a range of popular colors, black, white, blue, red, plus they also run limited edition colours from time to time.

At the higher and of their range, JD Bug also run a couple of beginner stunt scooters, with 1 piece decks and bars. These are intended to enable someone who's had a JD Bug Scooter before to step in their skill level and begin to do tricks.

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