Collection: Jessup Griptape

Jessup have been making griptape for skateboards since 1985, when they first launched the Jessup Original grip tape to the market. Jessup claim to have gripped more boards than all other manufacturers combined and have produced well over 70 million feet of griptape since they first started. Jessup were the first company to include silicon carbide in their products and are credited for introducing this to the industry.

Jessup griptape is used by more hardcore skaters and professionals than any other brand of tape. Jessup tape provides you with a very stable platform so you have ultimate control when landing tricks. The adhesive that Jessup use is incredibly strong and gives a rock solid bond to your board, no matter the environment. Jessup's super tough silicon carbide formula fits all deck concaves, trims very easily and doesn't tear like some other griptapes. For the best quality skateboard griptape on the market, look no further than Jessup.

Jessup are world renown for their incredibly durable griptape. Jessup have continuously developed and upgraded their griptape over time to make sure that it is as perfect as can be and will hold up to the demands of the modern environment. With multiple colours and simple designs to choose from, Jessup offer a griptape for any style and will bring the fun back to your skateboard.

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