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Paris Truck Co. are the go to company if you want trucks that are fast reacting, built to last and, most importantly, look great on your board. The quality of Paris Trucks is unbeaten, so much so that they offer a lifetime guarantee that covers for bent axles or manufacturing defects. A Californian based brand, their trucks are used all over the world by a number of the top professionals and anyone wanting to custom design and build there board will more than likely want a Paris Truck.

The Paris V3 truck is the most sought after truck in the world and for good reason. Using a new alloy forming process, these trucks provide strength way beyond any other on the market. This new manufacturing process also allows Paris to use a T6 heat-treatment, which offers further durability to the finished product. Everything about these trucks has been revamped, from the reinforced baseplate to the upgraded urethane components. The Paris V3 trucks are incredibly strong, resilient and fully warrant their much sought after status.

Based out of Costa Mesa, California, all longboarders love Paris Trucks, there have been stoked skaters out everywhere for years now and they've not yet fallen out of love with Paris. Paris trucks are amazing for carving at high speeds, and for grinding. Paris trucks are considered the most versatile truck around. The trucks also come with a lifetime guarantee, they're designed with three things in mind: turning, durability, and beauty.

Paris trucks are made with 356.2 virgin aluminum. With the way it's made, and unlike many other trucks out there, there is no left over aluminum from old pours thrown back into the melting pot. Every Paris Truck is made with brand pure metal and then gravity molded. The benefit of each truck being poured and then spun in the mold, means a stronger more dense bond. Paris then heat treat to add durability and strength.

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