Collection: Xootz

Xootz are a brand aimed at kids who have created a range of products aimed at bridging the gap between toys and sports equipment. Xootz products are designed to encourage children to get outside and have fun. Xootz are trying to make sports accessible to all and have created a range of scooters, skates, bikes and skateboards to appeal to kids of all ages.

Xootz make some of the very best value first time stunt scooters. Their products are aimed at younger children between 4-9 years old who are getting a scooter or skate for the first time. The Xootz Stunt Scooters - Toxic Purple, Hazard Red, Slasher Blue and Invert White have all been made to offer the very cheapest stunt beginner scooters out, for small tricks like jumping up curbs and small ramps.

The Xootz Cruiser skateboard is the perfect choice for kids who want to get out on the road on their first board. The Xootz Cruiser features a stable, secure deck and carbon ABEC-5 bearings, to provide a smooth and ultimately safe ride. The skateboard design is influenced by retro skateboarding, with a single kick tail and a shape inspired by surfboards. These boards are easy to transport too, fitting easily into backpacks or being lightweight enough to just carry around. Plus, with a range of bright colours to choose from, what more could you want from a beginner skateboard?

This board is designed with street cruising in mind - the single kick deck allows the rider to pop kerbs and perform simple tricks. The retro design is effortlessly cool - for those who like to look ideal while coasting around. Easy to transport - whether they're taking it to school or to a friends house, this board easily fits into backpacks and is easily carried.

For those younger kids wanting to be a little more serious about scootering, there's a wondering range of stunt beginner scooters, with striking colorways called the Toxic, Slasher, Hazard and Poison scooters.

Xootz have tried to create affordable beginner skate hardware younger children and bright colours with cartoon style designs, aiming exclusively at the junior age range and targetted at closing the gap between skate and toys.

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