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YGW Innovations produce some of the worlds highest quality scooter bars. They're most famously known for their range of super high end insanely lightweight and strong scooter bars

YGW aim to create new and unique styled bars, in a market that's saturated by lookalikes. The bars themselves are designed and manufactured by themselves directly, as a result of their past experience in specialising in lightweight recreation equipment for disable people. YGW Innovations have brought to the scooter sport truly unique materials and designs never before used in scooter parts, in an aim to enhance the maturity of the sport.

YGW Innovations was previously known as "Youth Gone Wild Designs", however after joined with "Hands on Concepts" in 2016, to form YGW Innovations aimed at delivering the highest quality scooter bars to the the market. All the of the products themselves are manufactured straight from the USA, and have undergone vigorous testing from their pro team to make sure the bars stand up to the very highest expectations of riders. They've successfully achieved this notoreity amongst riders purely for their quality.

YGW have broken new ground in the stunt scooter industry by using Titanium in the production of their bars, enabling riders for the first time have a truly steel strength bar combined with a Aluminium weight bar. The bars themselves although more expensive than the traditional scooter bar, more than make it worthwhile for the benefits to the rider.


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