Dominator Scooters - Scout, Cadet, Ranger, Trooper, Sniper, Airborne and Team Edition Scooters

Dominator Scooters are one of the foundational brands within the freestyle scooter industry. Originally launched as a parts brand out of the USA they now run a range of complete scooters for all levels of riders.

Dominator these days are focused only on providing complete stunt scooters for the beginner to intermediate riders, with pricing from £50-£150 for a start complete. The Dominator Cadet Scooter is their lowest end beginner scooter, whilst the Dominator Bomber Scooter features slightly higher quality parts in metal core wheels for extra strength. If you're looking for a higher quality beginner scooter the Dominator Trooper of Sniper Scooters are ideal.

Back at the very beginning of freestyle stunt scootering, Dave Ward (father of Cam Ward who rides now for District) would regularly see his son going through scooter after scooter. Recognising the lack of products able to sustain the needs of his fast improving son, he set out to develop Dominator Scooters that would produce truly durable parts and completes to help enable the sport to develop for the long term.

Back in 2009 the first full batch of DSA Dominator Scooters and parts were produced, and riders quickly acknowledged the improvements for riding and the parts durability. Over time it became clear as the products were developed that there was a continued need for top-quality complete scooters, designed and priced from a beginner to intermediate level, and with that the Dominator name, and a fresh range of complete scooters were developed. Nowadays these scooter ranges are known as the Airbourne, the Sniper and the Bomber scooters.

Originating out of the USA, the father and son team have successfully helped launch DSA Dominator into a recognised value for money scooter brand. The Airborne is designed for intermediate shredders looking to step up and features a HIC Compression system, Concave deck and alloy wheels.

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Dominator Scooters FAQ
Are Dominator scooters good?

Dominator offer incredible value for money and are a major player in the beginner and intermediate scooter scene. Their team edition complete also offers...

Which Domintor scooter should I buy?

For a young beginner or first time stunt scooter rider then any of the Dominator range will be able to provide the quality and durability needed to enjoy...

What's the best Dominator scooter?

For more serious riders then the best Dominator scooter is the Team Edition Complete, which is the exact model used by professionals in the Dominator ... logo
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