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Hangup Scooters are a Danish stunt scooter company that specialise in entry level stunt scooters for kids and younger riders. Hangup scooters are priced very competitively compared to other entry level scooter brands.

Hangup Pro Stunt Scooters are a range of completes that have been developed specifically for the younger kids. Their setups have been built for all kids, stunt scooter riders on a budget and those wanting a better fitting scooter for riders ages 4 up to 10 years old. Their scooters are simple, clean, effective and a great priced entry model for any aspiring rookie rider.

The Hangup Outlaw III scooter is the perfect beginner mini stunt scooter for children looking to get their first true taste of stunt scootering. The Outlaw III scooter has been constructed with a strong one-piece bar and a deck that is bound together with a solid triple clamp. The scooter is mainly manufactured using steel to make sure it is as strong as possible. The Hangup Outlaw III scooter is smaller in size than most as it is specifically aimed at children aged 4-8, which will enable faster and easier learning for young riders. This scooter is great for kids learning how to do tricks and jumps.

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Hangup Scooters FAQ
Are Hangup scooters good?

Hangup are Danish company that specialise in mini stunt scooters for beginners. The Hangup Outlaw stunt scooter is not only strong and durable, but easy...

What age are hangup scooters for?

The Hangup Outlaw scooter is recommended for children aged 4 to 8 years.

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