Jackson Skates - Glacier, Mystique, Artiste and Classique Ice Skates

Jackson is world known for the their top quality ice skates both in figure and derby, they have some of the worlds best riders skating their blades and boots. Founded originally out of Bauer, their range of skates take people from a beginner all the way to the very top of the sport. Their focus is upon the pleasure, and enjoyment of all skaters alike and have been running over 100 years.

Jackson Ultima focus on providing a full range of professional skates for both figure ice skating and derby skaters. The products themselves are made in Canada, and offer a wider fitting boot for many of their skates, which is something a number of people have requested that other brands simply don't offer.

Jackson Glacier ice skates are perfect for the budget-conscious, recreational skater, or perhaps those just starting out. These high quality ice skates feature vinyl uppers and suede lining to give a classic and traditional look. The Jackson Glacier is a high quality ice skate which comes at an affordable price. 

The Jackson Mystique is a high quality, intermediate ice skate designed to boost performance. Jackson Mystique ice skates come with full quarter and extra ankle padding for maximum comfort and protection. The Jackson Mystique is a great value ice skate that comes with all the quality that Jackson are known for.

The Jackson Classique ice skate is a stylish ice skate which features upper leathers coated in polyurethane and PVC outsoles. The Jackson Classique has been specifically designed to be as low maintenance as possible whilst not losing the trademark Jackson style and flair. The linings are made from microfibre to enhance comfort but they are also very rugged and so will last for a very long time. 

Lastly is the Jackson Artiste, an affordable mid-range ice skate. The Jackson Artiste skate has a microfibre lining with memory foam ankle padding to provide a comfortable and well cushioned feel. These skates are well made, attractive and provide everything you could want in an ice skate for a reasonable price.

Jackson Skates were formed by Donald Jackson, a former world figure skating champion in 1962, alongside his bother. Alongside Bauer they were able to develop state of the art figure skates that are now ridden all over the world. Their skates are known for lightweight performance, and at the top end come with heat moldable boots, to reduce break-in time, improve fit and responsiveness when skating. Their skates are built with a high instep, medium heel width and rounded toe box, meaning that it suites anyone with toe lengths the same as their big toes.

The company was developed with the expertise and specialist knowledge from Don Jacksons experience as a professional skater. In 2001, Jackson purchased Ultima Skates, to help improve the quality of their skates further, so that they could serve the market of skaters from beginner to top level competitive skates.

One of Jackson Ultima's strength is their innovative product features. These include the proflex boot system and the matrix interchangable blade system. As well as the Matrix 2 blades, which are considered 33% lighter than the traditional blade.

Jackson Skates FAQ
Are Jackson ice skates good?

Jackson ice skates are the premier ice skates for figure skating and regularly feature on independent top 10 lists online of skates for beginner and advanced...

Are Jackson a good ice skate brand?

Jackson skates were formed by fomer world figure skating champion Don Jackson, who has been instrumental in developing state of the art figure skates ...

What are the best Jackson ice skates for beginners?

The Glacier is outstanding value for money and ready to go straight out of the box with pre sharpened blades made from Nickel.

What are the best Jackson ice skates for advanced figure skating?

The Jackson Classique are the premium skate in the Jackson range, benefitting from a leather upper and tongue, Ultima chrome blades, and micro fibre lining...

Do Jackson Ice skates come pre-sharpened?

All Jackson ice skates come pre-sharpened so they are ready for the ice straight out of the box.

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