Frenzy Scooters

Are Frenzy scooters good?

Frenzy offer a very good range of premum commuter scooters at afforable prices.

Are Frenzy Scooters for adults?

The Frenzy skooter is perfect for adults or children looking for a fun way to commute or travel to school.

What's the best Frenzy scooter?

The Frenzy Kaimana is the most popular of the Frenzy scooters, offering the best combination of smooth riding and stylish, retro looks.

Does the Frenzy scooter fold up?

All Frenzy scooters fold down for easy storage and carrying.

How much weight can a Frenzy scooter take?

A Frenzy scooter is able to take weights of up to 100kg.

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