Grit Scooters

Are Grit scooters any good?

Grit scooters have a fantastic reputation for their good quality stunt scooters, which have been used by some of the worlds best riders, including Jordan Clark, ranked as the world number 1 in recent years.

Is Grit a good scooter brand?

Grit are a top quality Australian scooter brand who produce a fantastic range of stunt scooters for any level of rider.

What is the best Grit scooter for a beginner?

The Grit Atom scooter is the perfect choice for a young beginner rider, with the ability to adjust the bar to 2 different heights, whilst also being light enough to develop jumps and skills.

What is the best Grit scooter?

The best scooters in the Grit range are the Grit Elite and Grit Invader.

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