Limitless Cruisers and Boards

Limitless Cruisers are born out of the surf scene of Cornwall, England. Their boards are build for those wanting to enjoy the lifestyle of freedom and fun. Their boards are produced in some of the worlds top factories, meaning great quality and at surprisingly good prices considering!

The Limitless boards feature a range of different boarding styles. Their cruiser range has been developed to suit casual skaters wanting a board for fun with their friends and is easy to carry around. They feature some really interesting designs including camo, glow in the dark and rasta finishes. Whilst they also released recently their Mini Longboard range recently, unique board designed for the longboard look and feel but without the clumsy bigger size seen with Longboards. The mini longboard is made like a cruiser, making them super lightweight and easy to carry about.

Limitless aim to bring their boards to recreational skaters wanting to board at an affordable price. logo
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