Mimi Scooters - Red, Blue Purple, Pink Kids Scooters

Mimi Scooters have created the perfect beginner scooter for children. Mimi Scooters are aimed at riders between 3 and 6 years of age and have been designed so that they are perfectly proportioned for these smaller riders. A Mimi Scooter is the ideal choice for kids who want their first taste of riding scooters and want to keep up with their older siblings.

The Mimi Scooter is both very light as well as surprisingly strong, being able to withstand up to 35kgs in weight. Mimi Scooters are very well balanced and enable your child to develop their balance whilst learning how to ride. Mimi Scooters are built with adjustable height handle bars so that they can grow alongside your child.

Mimi Scooters are one of the safest, most lightweight and easiest to ride childrens beginner scooters available on the market. Mimi Scooters have brought out a range of young kids scooters that are fun and look awesome, with a variety of colours to suit both girls and boys.

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Mimi Scooters FAQ
Are Mimi scooters any good?

Mimi scooters are safe, well-balanced and easy to use starter scooters, making them a perfect first scooter for young children.

How heavy are Mimi scooters?

Mimi scooters weigh 2.2kg, making them easily manoueverable for young children, whilst still strong enough to support up to 35kg.

What ages are Mimi scooters for?

Mimi scooters are designed for ages 3-6 years and feature an adjustable bar height.

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