Ozbozz Scooters - Scissor and Torq Scooters, Pogo Sticks

The Ozbozz range of scooters, skateboards, pogo sticks and skates are the perfect choice for younger kids. Featuring bright colors, lights and designs, their scooters and other products are extremely popular with children.

The Ozbozz Scissor scooter has been specifically designed with active children in mind. This three wheeled scooter comes with an adjustable handle bar and an easy to use handle bar brake system. There is also a very easy fold and lock mechanism which makes it easy to fold away when not in use. Constructed from tough steel, the Ozbozz Scissor scooter is a good quality and great value scooter and it is perfect for kids just wanting to have fun.

The Ozbozz Torq scooter is aimed at slightly older kids and is a great place for children to start learning about stunt scootering. This scooter has been constructed from aluminium to give strength whilst keeping it lightweight. A robust steering column, large rear brake and full deck grip mean the Ozbozz Torq scooter delivers high quality in a beginner scooter.

One of the most popular products in the Ozbozz range is the Ozbozz Pogo Stick. This tough, durable pogo stick has a durable construction and incorporates a high-tech design. Your kids are guaranteed hours of bouncing fun with this amazing pogo stick from Ozbozz. 

Many of their outdoor toys have been designed and developed by an award winning toy company in HGL who specialise in outdoor wheeled toys, combining great value with great fun!


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Are Ozbozz scooters good?

Ozbozz scooters are a really good first scooter for a young child due to the stability and balance offered by the 3 wheels

What ages are Ozbozz scooters for?

Most scooters in the Ozbozz range are for ages 3-8 years.

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