Panda Scooters - Initio, Al-Pro and Primus Pro Scooter

Panda Scooters are born out of Denmark and are Striker Scooters' little brother brand. Their stunt scooters focus on delivering one thing - quality scooters at an affordable price! Their scooter range is predominantly aimed at intermediate riders, that want to have a scooter they can develop on, as well as customise and upgrade further in the future.

The Panda stunt scooters range currently feature three main models. The IHC AL-Pro Scooter - this is designed to be light with its compression system and strong with its chromoly steel bars. The Panda Primus scooter is designed for smaller and younger riders with 100mm wheels.

The latest complete scooter off the Panda development line is the Panda Initio stunt scooter. The Panda Initio is fantastic for developing riders and can handle quite a beating at the skatepark. The Panda Initio features a chromoly steel bar, which gives increased strength and durability to the scooter. This scooter is very lightweight, weighing only 3.3kgs, which allows the rider to throw more at it and land those big tricks.

Panda's focus is all about delivering quality parts and scooters at an affordable price for riders.

Panda Scooters
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