Ride 858 Scooters - Backie, GR, OG Talon and High Roller Scooters, Jammer Forks, Diamond Grips, Atlas and Titanium Bars

Ride 858 Scooters, although a new brand, have been involved in the sports since the founding days of working within MGP. In 2016 one of the core designers and developers from MPG, decided it was about time riders were offers a fresh style of scooter parts and completes that matched what in their eyes was needed by the riders out there. Ride 858 are known for making the some of best scooters out at a price parents and riders can afford.

Ride 858 run Scooters at 4 levels of riding - at the beginner end is the Ride 858 Backie scooter, this is considered one of the best beginner level stunt scooters out, and is designed specifically for first time riders to get their teeth properly into the sport without overspending. It comes loaded with many higher end specifications you'd expect to see on a more expensive scooter and is strong as well as lightweight.

Next up the range is the Ride 858 GR Scooter - this is the more popular model run and is designed for intermediate to expert level riding. It features some of the coolest and most unique scooter designs and colorways ever seen on in the sport for completes, and weighs on 3kg, combining both Aluminium Bars and Hollowcore Wheels to minimise weight.

The Talon Scooter and High Roller Scooters are made for Pro level riding, and feature squared decks for easy grinding and street riding. With 120mm wheels and reinforced bars they're both bigger but also focus on keeping weight down on the scooters

Ride 858 have tested and developed their range of scooters and parts in partnership with a number of big name Australian riders including Jackson Barlett, Kal Chandler, Josh Newbert, and Chandler Dunn, and have released a signature wheel range in addition to this to help support the scene further. Their wheels have been based off some of the most reliable and respected styles in the industry including proto and river wheels.

Ride 858 also offer their range of High Roller complete scooters, they full setups are ridden by some of the top pros in Australia and have been developing in house with the riders themselves for the benefit of the sport.

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