Smith Scabs Safety Gear - Knee Gaskets, Elbow Pads, Knee Pads

Smith Scabs Safety Gear manufacture some of the best protection gear available and they have been providing protection for skaters, Roller Derby and other extreme sports for years. Smith Scabs Safety Gear is suitable for everyone from beginners to professionals, from young to old. Smith Scabs offer high quality protection gear at an affordable price.

Smiths Scabs Elite knee pads are designed to be one of the most secure pads on the market. Strong, secure and with replaceable caps, you can't go far wrong. These top of the line knee pads feature adjustable top straps for snug fit and to help minimise slippage.

Smith Scabs knee gaskets provide essential extra hold on your kneepads, as well as additional support and protection on your valuable joints. These neoprene gaskets are designed to be worn in combination with Smith Scabs kneepads and add extra protection, as well as eliminating slippage.

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