Universal Scooter Parts - Griptape, Bolts, Axles, Compression, Spacers, Nuts, Brakes Bolts

Universal Scooter Parts was launched in 2020, due to the increasing needs of riders to strengthen their scooter setups to be more dialled. The parts are all made of extremely high quality materials to minimise risk of breakage. Their range of bolts, axles, spacers, nuts etc are made to fit a large range of stunt scooters, no matter which brand you have.

Making your own dream scooter? Researched all the best brands, and compiled all the components to make your dream become reality? But then you realise, where are the headset spacers? The compression caps? The shims? Universal Scooter Parts make all the little bits that you might forget about and their quality is second to none.


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