Velocity Roller Quad Skates and Inline Skates / Rollerblades

Velocity Skates have grown and grown in popularity since their launch in 2014, with their skates regularly selling out. They appear have got their market down to a t, with great budget skates that are sure to give you hours of fun without needing to spend a fortune to get proucts that will last. The reason for such great value is mainly down to their methods of producing great quality skates without any middle men in the process, meaning that the savings on the production and retail of the skates can be passed directly onto the customer.

Their skates have build a reputation for fun and traditional designs, with modern materials and manufacturing tecniques. Their Quad skates, the Vecocity Cub Adjustable Skates are super for younger children wanting to learn, and being adjustable they'll last for some years!

For those who want to learn inline skating, the Velocity Butterfly Adjustable Inline Skates are perfect with the same great design as the quads and adjustability to suit!

Next working day is available on all Velocity Skates, and they come with free stickers included!

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