Collection: Harsh Protection

Harsh Protective Gear are the industry leaders when it comes to protective gear, using cutting edge technology to provide maximum protection whilst also offering a stylish look for the skate park. Whether you are after helmets, pads or gloves, Harsh Protective Gear has everything that you need. Harsh Protective Gear caters to all abilities, from complete novices to the next extreme sports star.

Harsh Helmets are made in a way others aren't. They feature a low profile design to protect the most vulnerable parts of your head (bottom of the skull), alongside multi-directional venting which will keep you cool. Their helmets are all Globally certified for protection standards, feature a strong overmold construction for strength against impacts. Harsh's dedication to innovation to protection of your head is what helps separate itself from competition.

Harsh don't just make helmets, they also make a range of other protection essentials. Harsh Elbow and Knee gaskets are lightweight, with a low profie flexibility to allow increased motion. These items are constructed from a high density foam padding and a tough non-woven material external cover. They have multi-point padding to increase the protection in key impact areas and the internal porous lining allows for sweat absorption and maximum comfort.

Harsh Wrist Guards feature a streamlined version of the EVA foam that is also found in their knee and elbow protective pads. This means that your wrists will receive the same great shock absorbing qualities you have come to expect from your knee pads. High-density ABS splits have been fitted to minimise impact on both sides of the wrist. Wrist guards are an essential piece of protection so make sure you buy the best from Harsh Protective Gear.

Harsh have developed a protection range intended lightweight but durable use. Their unique construction mean that they barely feel like you're wearing a helmet when skating. Worn by some of the worlds top scooter riders including Terry Price and Ryan Williams, their helmets are built even for the top professionals.

The HX1 Helmet is the brands first product to get significant worldwide attention with it's lightweight design resulting in up to 50% lighter weight than most other standard helmets out there. You'll see the helmets being ridden by some riders in Nitro Circus.

Harsh does one thing really well above other helmet and protective brands out there.....they improve performance by being lightweight without compromising on the safety of the rider.

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