Collection: Rollerblade Inline Skates

Rollerblade Skates have been the biggest company in the inline skating industry since they first began in 1980. The company was originally started by two brothers, who found happened to find an inline skate whilst searching through a Minnesota sporting goods store and decided that it would be perfect for their off-season ice hockey training. The brothers refined and redeveloped this skate and set about constructing the first Rollerblade Skates in the basement of their parents' home. Today, Rollerblade Skates are a household name the world over and continue to make high-quality products for kids and adults of all ages.

Rollerblade are known for their high end inline skates, that provide industry leading custom fit and design. They invented the inline skating sport, and their brand name is now linked to the product itself. Over a number of years now, they've set the standard for great inline skates. 

Their range features models for kids, adults, fitness and speed styles of skating, in addition to their wheels range. They've also led the technology used in inline skating including their own ABT brake system, and the tool-less ability to adjust the size of inline skates for kids skates.

The original creator of the inline skating sport, it's THE leading manufacturer within the skate market. Such has been rollerblades dominance is that the name of the sport has become linked with the brand. Big growth in the 90s meant that skaters have used them for fitness, hockey, fun, fitness and all sorts of unique methods.

Rollerblade Skates are the founders of inline skating as we know it today. Their product brand name became the very product themselves such was the respect and popularity of their products. Nowadays Rollerblade focus on the premium end of recreational skating, with their skates starting from around £80-200. Rollerblade produce the worlds highest quality boots, wheels and frames, focusing on being lightweight, strong and responsive to skaters. You'll often see Rollerblades where ever inline skating is being done in parks, beaches or other public places.

Their skates feature instinctive futuristic designs and lines that setup them apart in design to other Inline Skates out there. Rollerblade have more experience, knowledge and expertise in the industry of Inline Skating than anyone else, and it's by their standards all other skates are measured.

Their Microblade range features super light and strong aluminium frames. Wheels with urethane that both last and grip to enable the inline skater to respond to their riding style, and have confidence when turning whilst skating. Their boots are a mesh fibre finish, meaning your feet are breathable when skating and reduce the chances of sweaty uncomfortable feet!

Whilst their Cube Inline Skates are perfect for kids, as they come complete with full padsets as well as being adjustable so as kids feet grow you don't need to go out and buy a second pair of inlines just to fit them all over again.

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