Collection: Trampoline Indoor Scooters

Trampoline Indoor Scooters have taken the scooter scene by storm, with riders keen to develop their skills indoors and at home to become serious pros!

We stock a range of trampoline scooters and accessories depending upon your age, size and level as a rider. For younger kids and more beginner level riders we offer the Indo Trampoline Scooter. At the more serious end, we stock the Stegga Trampoline Scooter, this is a full size and real life dimensions and weight trampoline stunt scooter and will help the more serious rider become more skillful in their tricks and stunts.

A Trampoline Scooter is perfect for practice at home with or without a trampoline, as it can also be used for practice off ledges, flat land tricks and practicing your power jumping off the ground with your scooter.

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