Collection: Rio Roller Skates

Rio Roller is the "original fashion quad skate brand", having been started 30 years ago in 1990. Rio Roller skates are famed for their bright, funky colours and retro style, giving riders comfort and performance whilst still looking fashionable. As well as being famed for their quad roller skates, Rio Roller also produce a range of ice skates.

Designed exclusively for women, Rio Roller, offer high-quality performance, skates that want to look great when riding. Their skates come in a huge range of bright colors and are perfect for disco rink skating as well as outdoors by the beach or at a park. They've also released a range of accessories such as wheels, helmets, stoppers and bags to go with the skates. A UK based brand, Rio Roller skates continue to increase in it's popularity.

Rio Roller Script skates can be purchased as either ice skates or quad roller skates, with the same boot used for both. These skates have an extremely well built chassis, which is available in a range of multi-coloured pastel shades. The roller skate version comes fully equipped with an exclusive Rio Roller frame and trucks, plus high quality Polyurethane wheels, whilst the ice skates have a 3.5mm thick stainless steel blade.

Rio Roller also sell a range of accessories to complement their core products. The Rio Roller Script helmet is the perfect addition to your Rio Roller collection and adds to the complete retro look. These helmets come with spare padding so that they can be easily adjusted in order to provide the optimum fit.

Rio Roller light up wheels will make a fantastic addition to your roller skates and make sure that you really stand out. Whilst these wheels are great for outdoor use, they're especially effective at indoor roller discos.

Need somewhere to store your Rio Roller skates? Why not get yourself one of the Rio Roller bags, a perfect addition to your collection. These bags are made from a heavy duty water resistant material so you can be sure that your skates are nice and safely stored inside.

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