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Born out of Australia, with some of the most experienced and worlds best riders on their team, Root Industries started off with their super lightweight and extremely popular hollowcore air wheels, developed and ridden by many of the top pro riders out there. Root are proud legit providers of scooter wheels and parts to the sport.

They're most well known for their Root Air Scooter Parts Range, starting off with their Air Wheels, which are widely respected for how light they are, supporting the scooter rider to do ever bigger and more extreme tricks. The AIR Wheels have been a phemonon across the sport with them fast becoming the most popular scooter wheel in the sport. Their unique combination of colors, visuals and technical lightweight design makes them a massive, massive in demand product

Root Industries have combined the best features of their four prior complete scooters into one ultimate stunt scooter, the Type R stunt scooter. This scooter comprises some of the best features seen in intermediate and advanced level stunt scooters worldwide. This scooter is ideal for riders wanting to be able to maximise the performance of their scooter and has been built for park riders, box jumps, quarter pipes and anything else in between. The Type R scooter is also very good value, as it includes numerous parts that would normally be found on much more expensive scooters.

Roots Air and R2 Grips though are another unique product for the scooter market. Their color combination grips catch the eye of any rider. These grips are perfect for customization of any scooter. These grips are quickly outselling traditionally popular grips like ODI grips.

2016 was the year Roots got truly established in the UK, whilst a number of their new products offer features and looks not seen from other brands in the industry. Their headsets for example have extended washers, enabling small or large SCS fitting to look good on all Scooters.

Roots run the super light Air SCS Clamp and HIC air double clamp air range for riders wanting the lightest and strongest scooter setups combined with amazing finishes to customise the look of your personal scooter.

Root Industries have also added a further 2 wheel models to their range. Firstly the Root Honeycore Wheels, these have been built like the Air wheels but use extra cutouts for making the wheels even lighter weight. These wheels are made for top level performance scooter riders. The honeycore cutouts have been used for strength, as it minimises the risk to breakage. The second added wheel to the their range are the Roots Turbine Wheels, these feature the popular turbine effect on the core and are designed for riders who want to go at speed, with the design being made to minimise air resistance.

Outside the wheels, Root Industries recently released their first complete scooters range to incorporate many of their top end parts, this included 4 different models, firstly the Root Invictus Scooter, intended for intermediate riders developing their skills, the Root Lithium Scoter, made for more serious riders looking to advance their skills to a pro level and finally the Root AIR RP and RS Scooters, which feature a number of the custom scooter parts usually purchased separately, with corresponding models aimed at park and street riders respectively.

Finally, there's the Root Air Decks, which are solidly build with eye catching finishes and feature a completely flat underside deck for extreme grinding and sliding. The Root T Bars are perfect for Street Riders also wanting strength and durability in their setup.

Developed by some of the worlds best scooter product designers.....this brand is expected to become huge in the industry over the coming 2-3 years as more and more scooter riders fall in love with their products. Here at we stock the full range of Roots products.

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