Collection: Revvi Kids Electric Bikes

Revvi Kids Electric Bikes was founded in 2016, specialising in bikes designed and manufactured specifically for younger riders. With a passion for electric balance bikes and electric mountain bikes, Revvi was driven to provide a practical and affordable way for children to be introduced to riding at an early age! 

Revvi’s 12-inch model is designed for riders aged 2-6 years old and comes with two different speed settings to ensure a safe entry to the sport for any rider, with a maximum speed of 10mph. The back wheel is also engineered with a freewheel system, allowing the bike to be used as a standard balance bike without power. 

Revvi’s 16-inch model is the next step up, designed for ages 6+ years. With two speed settings, this is the perfect model to transition from the 12-inch model into something slightly larger, before moving onto a full-size electric bike. With a top speed of 12mph, this is a safe and practical way for young riders to get the full experience of an electric bike and begin their journey.

Revvi excel in design, with both bikes coming in a full range of colours, eye-catching cosmetics and a sleek frame design to ensure that children love the bike for more than just the ride!  

Revvi is a constantly growing and evolving brand, even holding the Revvi Cup, an electric bike racing event that exposes children to the joys of off-road racing in a safe environment! These events are the start of huge growth for the grassroots of this sport that you can be a part of today!

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