Collection: Indo Scooters

The INDO Trampoline Scooter is the world's first official indoor and trampoline scooter. The INDO Indoor Trampoline Trick Stunt Jump Scooter is a new type of scooter designed for riders to practice their tricks and riding at home, in the garden, from the floor, trampoline or off a ledge. You can truly improve your riding from home for the first time! Launched in 2020, the INDO is taking the sport by storm, and riders are loving it!

The INDO Trampoline Scooter comes in two models, the INDO 570 and the INDO 670. There is no real difference between these models other than the size. The INDO 570 is designed for riders up to 150cm in height and 50kg in weight, whereas the INDO 670 is for riders over 150cm tall and weighing over 50kg. INDO also manufacture the Riser 670, which turns your INDO 570 into the INDO 670!

The INDO Trampoline scooter is perfect for honing your technique and improving your skills. The scooter is very lightweight, weighing only 950g, so it allows for maximum air and the chance to really nail all those big tricks you've been wanting to practice. The flexible, yet sturdy deck is made completely out of foam so you don't need to worry about causing any damage to your trampoline.

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