Collection: Kids Mini Stunt Scooters

The popularity amongst younger kids to get into stunt scooters like their older siblings has grown significantly in the last few years leading to a big increase of mini versions of many of the well known popular stunt scooter brands, including models from MGP, Nitro Circus and Ryan Williams, AO, Dominator and Grit amongst others.

If you're looking for a mini stunt scooter, the key differences you'll find from the main adult versions will usually be 3 aspects. Firstly the bar height and width, these will generally be smaller to suit a younger ages rider. Secondly, the deck length and width will usually be smaller, typically around 4.25-5" wide and 550-600mm in length. Finally, the wheels are generally a little smaller at either 100mm or 110mm to allow the rider greater control by being closer to the ground when riding.

All the kids mini stunt scooters we sell are sold with quality in mind, and in fact we've refused to run certain brands where we feel the product quality isn't good enough in the past. It's so important that you're able to trust your stunt scooter to perform and take the expected beating it will receive down at a skatepark or street riding location. At, we offer the largest range of stunt scooters for the UK and Europe, and all available on a next day service.

In addition to this, all our stunt scooters come with a free £15 value bonus pack that includes a drawstring bag, and stickers sheet of 32 different stickers of various brands, replacement griptape and finally a maintenance guide to show you how to look after your scooter and make the most of it. In addition to this, we stock every single major stunt scooter brand that's worth stocking on the planet!

For Kids, Stunt Scooters tend to be more popular in the brighter colours, including neochrome which is a rainbow metal effect. If you're choosing for your son or daughter remember it's as much about brand and color as it is about the technical features of what you can do with the scooter itself.....the cool factor is all important too!

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