Collection: Blunt Envy Scooters

Prodigy S9, Prodigy X, KOS, Colt S4 Scooters, AOS Decks, Reaper Bars, Union Bars, SOB Forks, CNC Forks, Declare Forks, Wheels, Headsets, Forged Clamps, Grips & Pegs

Blunt Envy Scooters were formed in 2009 in Melbourne, Australia, originally starting out making parts to fit the very few brands of scooters that existed at the time. Fast forward to today and Blunt Envy Scooters are one of the biggest names in the sport worldwide, if not the biggest. Blunt Envy Scooters are known for producing high quality and innovative stunt scooters and parts at a price that is affordable and they continually research and develop their products to create the best possible scooters and parts for riders across the world.

Blunt Envy Scooters, especially the Prodigy S7 & S8 Scooters and KOS S6 Scooters are hugely popular amongst riders. Featuring industry leading Blunt Envy AOS and Prodigy Scooter decks, these used by some of the most respected riders. With Blunt Envy Scooters, you'll get solid, well built, rider designed and supported parts. Their hollow core, diamond and lambo wheels are some of the lightest around, the decks look amazing and ride smooth, and their reaper, soul, union and thermal bars are both some of the strongest and lightest for scooter riders.

Blunt Envy Scooters are constantly bringing out unique colourways and effects on their scooters and parts, including Camo, Neochrome & other unique hydro dipped effects. In freestyle scootering, Blunt Envy are leading the way in terms of high quality completes and manufacturing, this is largely because Dinny, their owner personally resides in the factories to make sure product quality is first class & no mistakes are made.

Blunt Envy have had some of the worlds most well known riders on their team, and they help support them with signature parts including deck & bars. Their products are aimed for both street and park riders alike, whilst their team is also spread between the 2. Dinny their founder is a former BMX rider himself (before freestyle scootering came along) and has applied a lot of the manufacturing techniques used in bike manufacturing to scooters, enabling riders to benefit from high quality products from the very beginning of the brand.

Blunt Envy are probably most famous for their AOS Scooter Decks which are hugely popular amongst riders for their responsiveness and strength, as well as great looks. Whilst the Blunt Envy Reaper bar is the lightest aluminium scooter bar out, and the most popular scooter bar available.

In terms of their Blunt Envy's complete scooter range, they run 4 main models, the Blunt Envy S2 One which is a mid-end scooter, designed for the rider wanting a good value Blunt Envy scooter. The Blunt Envy S4 and S3 Colt scooter is a slightly improved version of that. The Blunt Envy S7 & S8 Prodigy Scooter features some amazing colorways and has been run by Blunt Envy for a few years now. Finally the Blunt Envy King of Spades or KOS Scooter as it's known feature top end parts across board and looks amazing also.

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