Collection: Lucky Pro Scooters

Lucky Scooters is an American brand that first began making custom parts from their garage in 2008, quickly gaining a loyal following for their high quality scooter parts. Initially made famous in 2011 for their signature "SMX" forks, they have continued to develop their range expanding into all aspects of scooter parts and completes.

Lucky Scooters have always made sure that they are first and foremost a rider-centric company and continue to support and invest in the industry, through sponsorship of riders as well as constant development of new, innovative products.

Lucky Scooters have created a range of popular stunt scooters, with models to suit all ages, abilities and budgets. The Lucky Crew scooter is the ideal choice for riders who are either just starting out or are working on perfecting a basic set of tricks. The new 2021 model has been designed specifically for smaller, younger riders and comes with a narrow deck and low bar height. The Lucky Crew scooter is compatible with Lucky's complete aftermarket range of accessories so the scooter can grow with you as you progress.

The Lucky Prospect scooter is an ultra lightweight stunt scooter, weighing only 3.2kgs, meaning even the biggest riders can get decent air and land big tricks. The Lucky Prospect comes equipped with an aluminium bar, IHC Huracan fork and 120mm Lunar Hollowcore wheels. This scooter is perfect for park riding and getting big air.

The Lucky Signature scooter collection is the result of a joint effort between Lucky's product development team and their team of top pro riders to create products that are infused with the personality and style of Lucky's riders. The Lucky Tanner Fox stunt scooter uses the same deck as the Lucky Prospect scooter, which is made from aeroplane grade 6061 aluminium, combined with TIG welding  to give exceptional strength. This scooter has been carefully crafted to suit Tanner Fox's preferred style of riding and features his favourite styling and colour combo.

The Lucky JonMarco Gaydos Signature scooter is inspired by JMG's unique riding style and comes complete with the JMG V3 Signature deck and wheels. This scooter is based on the Lucky Prospect scooter, but has been customised with JonMarco's own sense of style. The Lucky Cody Flom Signature scooter is Cody's very first complete scooter, having previously been involved in creating the Cody Flom Signature decks. This scooter comes with the Cody Flom V3 Signature deck and wheels and has been designed to embrace Cody's love of old Porsches. Decked out in Cody Flom's customary Martini inspired style, this scooter is sure to turn heads at the skatepark.

Outside their scooters range, the Lunar Hollowcore wheels are exceptionally popular as an after market scooter part for riders, thanks to their distinctive designs and lightweight features. The Lucky Lunar wheels are created from aircraft grade aluminium to provide maximum strength and feature Lucky Rebound Technology, a combination of high-performance urethane, a new pouring process and a proprietary curing method that gives these wheels a fast and grippy roll.

Lucky Scooters have been involved in sponsoring some of the sports very biggest names including 4 time World Champion Dakota Schuetz and Tanner Fox. They were a part of the foundation of the sport in it's growth, partnership with brands such as Proto and MGP, in helping make CNC machined 1 piece scooter decks a reality. Their parts are known for their strength and durability most of all.

Lucky are constantly trying to develop products that are both visually stunning, and technically reliable to top riders.

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