Collection: Slamm Scooters

Slamm Scooters is a UK based scooter brand who specialise in the production of stunt scooters. Slamm Scooters have years of experience in the scooter industry, which they use in the design and development of their scooters. Slamm Scooters are dedicated to creating the best quality scooters but at a price that is affordable.

A UK brand known for their colourful paintwork and awesome graphics. All Slamm products are designed, developed and tested in the UK. Their stunt scooter range includes the Slamm Tantrum, Classic, Mischief, Urban, Assault, Sentinel and Strobe models.

The Slamm Tantrum scooter is the perfect stunt scooter for junior riders looking to get into the sport and is understandably one of the highest rated junior scooters on the market. The short and narrow handlebars allow younger riders to easily use this scooter on the commute to school or down at the local skatepark. This scooter comes fitted with Slamm's exclusive Coffin neck connector, redesigned steel forks, colour coded grips and super smooth ABEC-9 Chrome bearings as standard.

The Slamm Strobe scooter is one of the most vibrant scooters available on the market, with its distinctive, bright colour scheme. This scooter has an impressive array of parts, including a Chromoly steel Riser T bar, an Aluminium forged head fork and a hydro wrapped T6 heat treated Aluminium deck. For the price point, you will be hard pushed to find a better scooter out there.

The Slamm Assault stunt scooter continues the renowned Assault theme of combining modern stylish graphics with uncompromising performance features. The Slamm Assault is ready for any skatepark, with its bright anodised deck, newly redesigned threadless Aluminium fork and a reinforced steel riser T-bar. With front and rear deck blocks and 165mm Team grips with Slamm impact resistant bar ends, the Slamm Assault has all the extras you would want.

Slamm’s Mischief scooter range is renowned for bold, head-turning wrap graphics, however this isn't a case of style above substance. The Slamm Mischief stunt scooter is packed with top features including a redesigned steel fork, exclusive Coffin neck connector and front and rear Nylon deck block inserts. With its awesome, eye-catching graphics, the Slamm Mischief IV Wrap is a must-have scooter for beginner to intermediate riders, one of the highest value for money stunt scooters on the market today.

The Slamm Sentinel is a high-end, top of the range stunt scooter. Following the theme of the Samurai warrior, this scooter features a striking Ninja graphic and complimenting graphics across the stealthy black scooter. The Sentinel scooter uses only the best components, from aluminium forged head forks to Slamm's own exclusive rail connector neck and redesigned deck. This scooter comes accompanied with a Chromoly steel Riser T bar, front and rear deck blocks, and team grips with bar ends to provide the ultimate performance.

Slamm focus their products on beginner and intermediate scooters. Their products are aimed at the younger generation of scooter riders wanting to get into Stunt Scootering. Their scooter designs feature bright grafitti style colors combined with their iconic hand slamm logo, with the bright colorways appealing to riders wanting to get into the sport.

The Slamm Scooters range runs from around £60-150, with the majority of their stunt scooters sub-£100. The most popular of these models is the Slamm Urban Scooter, which features metal core wheels, 1 piece deck, and a threadless compression system. For smaller and younger riders there's the Slamm Tantrum Scooter which features a mini sized scooter bar and are intended for younger kids from 3-7 years.. Whilst further up the range there's the Slamm Classic, Urban Wrap, Extreme and Shadow with improved bars, and IHC compression. At the more serious end there's the Slamm Strobe and Slamm Mischief Scooters which feature very unique deck wrap finishes and make the scooter truly stand out.

Slamm Scooters also run a number of customisable scooter parts including the V Ten and Orbit wheels, the cylinder pegs, swirl grips, hollow core wheels, and helmets too. These are all priced at a budget end, making it easy and cost effective to upgrade your scooter with new, improved or replacement parts.

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