Collection: Apex Pro Scooters

Apex Pro Scooters are an Australian company who develop scooter parts for the worlds top riders. All of their scooter parts are designed and manufactured in Australia, using the latest CNC machines. Working directly with some of the best riders out there, all products are tested at the highest level. Apex has a reputation as the Rolls Royce of scooter brands due to their extremely high levels of production quality, including Scooter Bars, Decks, compression systems, forks, headsets, pegs and brakes.

In recent years, Apex Pro Scooter's most popular product has become their Scooter Decks, both from street (boxed deck) and park riding. The Apex Decks are rapidly growing in popularity, becoming known as the go to deck for all top riders truly wanting to have the very best available. Their decks do not easily break, and are solid enough for event the largest scooter rider trying some of the most hardcore tricks and jumps out.

Coming out of the Golden Coast of Australia, riders such as Capron & Corey Funk, Jesse Bayes, & formerly Dylan Morrison, Dante Hutchinson represent Apex. The brand regularly release unique colourways and signature parts and colour ways. Apex is the brand of desire for any aspiring scooter rider, their parts don't come cheap, but they're worth it and deliver some of the worlds top performance for riders.

Apex's most popular products are their Bol Bars, which are considered the most reliable & strong but also lightweight design out, and although the most expensive bars on the market, they're massively popular among experienced riders or those that wish to modify their scooters. Aside from the Bol Bars. Outside this, the Apex Quantum Forks and Gama SCS Clamps also prove to be regularly popular for custom setups.

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