Collection: SFR Skates - Roller Skates, Inline Skates, Bags and Padsets

SFR Skates is a great brand, with a huge range of skates for all disciplines and all levels of skating. SFR produce quad roller skates, inline skates, ice skates plus a wide range of protection and other accessories. SFR Skates have 25 years of experience in the industry making high quality products. Their skates are primarily aimed at beginners and younger children, with their main focus on comfort and protection. 

The SFR Stomper skates are one of the very best starter rollerskates for children. The low footbed allows for better control due to the lower centre of gravity, and the large rear wheels are extra grippy for added stability. These skates can be adjusted up by four sizes so they're perfect for growing kids.

The SFR Storm skate is a hard boot skate that is perfect for new little skaters. These skates are fully adjustable meaning they will grow alongside your child's feet. They are super lightweight but also very strong, with the hard-shell cuff offerings excellent ankle support.

Other popular SFR models include the Nebula, Vision and Plasma skates. SFR Nebula skates are available in a range of four different colours, each featuring the popular eye-catching star design. SFR Nebula skates feature quality high-grip polyurethane wheels for maximum responsiveness when skating.

SFR Vision rollerskates are very stylish, comfortable and hugely popular. An ankle pad adds increased support and the laces and velcro straps allow for a better fit.

SFR Plasma inline skates are an excellent choice for anyone seeking a beginner inline skate, or making the switch from quad roller skates. These skates are built to last with a hard outer shell, comfortable inner liner and an adjustable chassis. Available in a choice of four colours, these skates are sure to make your child's first skating experience fun and comfortable.

SFR, a UK based brand build all their skates with great quality and great value in mind for beginner to mid levels of skating, no matter what age you are. Ice skates, quad skates, inline skates. A number of TV and production companies have worked with SFR for performances and their huge range means there's usually something for everyone.

Any issues? Worry not as our handy buying guide will help assist with all your information needs. Happy shopping and do not forget to skate safely.

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