Collection: Scooter Wheels

Stunt Scooter Wheels are generally seen on higher end stunt scooters, and are available in 100mm, 110mm, 120mm and 125mm options. Metal core wheels are great for doing tricks and are very hard-wearing. offer a wide range of metal core wheels from all of the top brands in the sport, ranging from the wheel specialists at River Wheels, to the hugely popular Root Wheels all the way to the revolutionary Logic Scooter Wheels.

We find here at that the wheels on a scooter really add that extra bit of style that will really make your scooter stand out at the local park. Different brands are offering different types of urethane which ultimately shape the way in which they’re used by the rider. The two types of wheels predominately used by riders are for either street or skatepark use and are made to provide more grip or more smoothness depending on where they’re used.

One thing you can’t forget whilst choosing some metal core wheels for your scooter is of course the bearings! You’ll find multiple different ABEC rated bearings in our Bearings section where they will vary from ABEC 1 all the way up to the silky smooth ABEC 9. Just remember to check the wheels as the wheels may have some bearings already pre-installed, but who doesn’t love upgrading right?

Metal core wheels are most suited to those who are looking to do tricks and stunts due to being a lot more durable in comparison to their nylon core counter-parts.

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